Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nomadic menhirs in Alentejo

The menhir of Esbarrondadouro, has been discovered, in 1995, following informations given by a shepherd who used to work in the farm.
In that time, the menhir was laying inside an enclosure used for pigs.
Some years later (2004), I found it removed from its former location, due to the works of enlargement of the pig structures.
In a recent visit, I had a new surprise: the menhir was not in the place where I had seen it the last time, when I had drawn it and taken GPS references.
Looking around, I found it erected close a recently restored farmhouse, some 400 m apart.
This seems to be an undesired effect of the growing awareness of farmers, in megalithic areas, about that kind of archaeological evidences...
We expect now to have the permission of the farmer to remove it to a more convenient location.

The original setting of the menhir, currently used as an enclosure for pigs

Very like a menhir...

The area where the menhir has been placed, after being removed from the original setting

The new setting of the menhir

E puore si muove...

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Diaaabo said...

Como se o dito menhir fizesse mal aos porcos... Ao menos não o arrancou e o mandou fora ou o partiu, como já tem acontecido!